On June 7th, Steve Jobs made a presentation to the Cupertino City Council regarding a new headquarters campus for Apple. Above is a sample rendering.

My first thought on seeing it: Ha, ha. Somebody decided to take “Infinite Loop” literally.

My second thought: 12,000 people, and not one gets Light on Two Sides. I guess Jobs doesn’t get along with Christopher Alexander.

My third: My god, it’s the Brown Ring of Quality, right out of Dilbert’s jokes about the Lucent logo!

My fourth: Topologically, that’s identical to the Pentagon — Which ain’t exactly known for agile, innovative, creative thinking.

But my final thought: Let’s call it what it really is: Jobshenge. (Mr. Izzard whispers: “The biggest henge in the world!”)

I have a longer post I’d like to make here, revolving around what could happen if Jobs took “campus” literally rather than “infinite loop” — but I’ve been stalling on it for a while, because “perfect” is the enemy of “good enough.” So I’m declaring this Good Enough, and getting it out the door.