Not as right as I’d like to be.

I’ve been saying the following, or variations of it, for a while:

“If you think you favor limited gov’t, but you prefer funding soldiers to diplomats… You have another think coming.”

Sounds good, and everyone knows the US Defense Department budget is big, while the State Department’s gets hardly any attention at all.

Trouble is… Well, while it’s mildly true, it’s not as true as I’d like.

The Defense Department’s budget for Fiscal Year 2014, according to this document: $526.6 billion
Total DoD personnel, both active duty military and civilian, according to the Department: 2.12 million
Budget per employee: $248.4K

The State Department’s budget for FY 2014, per this document: $14.4 billion
Total employees at State worldwide, per this page at State’s web site: 58,000
Budget per employee: $248.3K


If I didn’t know any better, I’d say someone at State looks at DoD’s budget, and works back from there.